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Hi Fellow Students-- For the past several years I have been putting together some new ideas--

I've taken the best techniques from both the chakus videos and the open style nunchakus dvds and developed two different templates for students to use for form creation or demo. creation--

A single nunchaku blueprint or template to use and a double nunchaku template--- These templates will allow you to build new open forms or demos using the techniques that you do the best--

I think that these templates offer some of the best ideas of the style and should help you score well in tournaments--Build a form from these templates that you can perform the best-

I have places the two new videos- session1,2 on you-tube for you to view-- Click on the links to the right

GM Michael Burke- Va.

power nunchakus file 1 single nunchaku template

power nunchakus file 2 double nunchaku template

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